Students punished over incident with gun at school


The school houses students in Pre-K through sixth grade. Concerned moms and dads have been calling school officials, demanding answers about that gun incident.

The problem at Galveston's Early Childhood University-Weis campus started Monday afternoon. That's when several students told administrators a child in the afterschool program was showing off a gun.

"At that time our administrator in charge on the campus called our GISD Police Department," said GISD spokesperson Dyann Polzin. "They responded immediately."

Polzin said what police ultimately found on campus turned out to be a pellet gun.

She said, "The student in question that had the pellet gun in his possession at the time, reported that he did not bring the pellet gun, that another student did. He was just showing it."

Now both those boys are on a three-day suspension. But some parents are wondering why the school failed to notify them about the gun incident.

Neighbor Jeff Chasalow said, "They are too young to have pellet guns, too young to have any kind of gun or knife or anything."

Chasalow showed me his own pellet gun to help put things into perspective. He says even this toy could be very dangerous in a young person's hands.

"Pellet guns are pellet guns," Chasalow said. "They can do as much damage as a pistol if they're aimed properly."

The school district says it chose not to notify parents since the gun was a fake. Many parents are criticizing that decision, saying it's still a safety concern.

The boys who handled the gun are reportedly in the fifth or sixth grade here. They have both been placed on suspension for three days. Additionally, the student who brought the pellet gun to school will be placed in alternative school for 30 days. The student who was seen waving the gun around will be placed in in-school suspension for 10 days.

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