Grackles invade senior living center


They're called grackles and they can be quite a nuisance for neighborhoods they frequent. But one fed up community has hired "enemy birds" to clear the air.

Rebecca Sealy, 81, hates grackles.

"It looks like snow. That's bird poop," she said.

Sealy and her friend, Betty Frazier, are a couple of tough women.

"It just kept getting worse and worse," Sealy said.

They know how to fight back they have to.

"We're trying to relocate the birds," Frazier said.

She's sick of the grackles, the black birds. Tens and thousands of them have invaded their senior living center.

"It's very raucous and loud," Sealy said.

And it's dirty. Bird poop is everywhere -- on benches, roof tops and even on Sealy's car. That's when she said enough.

"The day after I took it for a $20 car wash and the next morning found it was completely covered, that's when I lost it!" Sealy said.

So the experts were called in. Kujo is a hunter and he is a hungry hawk.

"I have four of these birds and we're going to make this our hunting area for the next six nights," said Roger Crandall with Fal-Tech Inc.

The hawks will kill nearly 20 birds a night, and the grackles will get the message.

"At the top of the list is the fact that these birds feel that this is a safe place to roost, and we're going to change that one little thing; we're gonna make it unsafe," Crandall said.

And for folks here, that all sounds pretty good.

"We want them to retire somewhere else," Frazier said.

Back in 2009, the grackle invasion got so bad, the city of Houston hired a similar service to scare off the birds.

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