Judge denies bond for woman accused of having bombs in trailer


Pamela Leggett will remain in federal custody after a judge refused to release her on bond. The 32-year-old is charged with aiding and abetting her dead common-law husband, who committed suicide after he killed a Chambers County sheriff's deputy.

Time doesn't always heal old wounds.

"There never will be closure. I'm a mom. I'm always a mom," Cheryl Railsback said.

It's been more than two years since Railsback's son, Chambers County Sheriff's Deputy Shane Detwiler, was shot and killed by Gilbert Ortez. Ortez then turned the gun on himself after a 10-hour standoff with authorities.

"I'm sure he decided that it was an easier punishment than what he was going to be facing," Railsback said.

On Wednesday, Railsback came face-to-face with Ortez's common-law wife, who was inside the home when her husband murdered the deputy in cold blood. Leggett is facing a laundry list of federal and state criminal charges for her alleged involvement in that deadly standoff.

"I looked at her very strong to let her know I was there," Railsback said.

Leggett, who pleaded not guilty, was in court trying to get released on bond. Federal prosecutors and Detwiler's family were there to fight it. They believe she's a danger to the community since investigators found more than 120 explosive devices and a stash of weapons stockpiled inside the home.

They argued,"she used an eBay account to order massive amounts of chemicals. There were explosives made from nails, rebar and bullets constructed to do damage to human flesh. She had no remorse for what happened. She wished more police officers died that day."

Leggett's attorney's said his client "had nothing to do with that officer being killed."

The presiding judge sided with the prosecution.

"It breaks my heart what he had to go through and what his last minutes of life were like," Railsback said.

Railsback wore a pin with her son's picture on it and sees Wednesday's decision as a small victory. While justice is a long way from being served, she says Wednesday was a good start.

"The only thing that will be different is that this step will be behind us and hopefully we can start moving forward," Railsback said.

Leggett's trial starts December 19.

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