Three accused in cell phone crime ring


Yusuf Tukdi, 51, Mohammad Tukdi, 63, and Mohammed Kapadia are charged with organized retail theft. According to court documents, police say they tracked a cell phone box to a business in the 6800 block of Harwin after it was stolen from a Radio Shack in Tomball on April 21. Police say stolen property recovered at the Harwin address included 27 cell phones valued at more than $11,000 in the Radio Shack robbery.

In addition, court documents show other cell phones recovered at the Harwin location were stolen from businesses in multiple states including nearly 200 cell phones valued at more than $7,500.

Police officers say the owners of the Harwin business, Yusuf and Mohammad Tukdi, told investigators that a man known as Mohammed Kapadia would call them up, come into the store with a duffel bag containing cell phones and other items, and that the Tukdis would decide which items they wanted to keep and sell. The Tukdis, police say, provided surveillance video showing the transactions with Kapadia for which they did not have any paperwork.

According to court documents, investigators found that Kapadia owned a business in the 10800 block of Beechnut. Police say they called Kapadia who told them he did not have time to talk with them. Police searched the Beechnut business and say they found 160 items stolen from a Fort Bend County Sprint store, 31 items stolen from Boost, 11 items stolen from Cricket and 45 items stolen from Verizon. Court documents show the value of the items stolen from the Sprint store was around $88,000 and the items stolen from the Radio Shack was valued at $60,000.

Bond has been set at $200,000.

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