Strong storm causes damage in parts of Liberty County


An 80-foot tree in Tarkington all but flattened a trailer on FM 2286. The 69-year-old woman inside knew something wasn't right when she heard strong winds startling some of her animals in the backyard.

"She looked back and saw a tree coming down and ran to the door," Tonya Brobst said.

Brobst's mother-in-law has lived in the trailer for several years. With no power herself, she just happen to see her phone lighting up in the dark.

"I just happened to walk through the kitchen and saw that it was ringing. I picked it up and she was asking for help," Brobst said.

The family rushed over only to see the tree crushing the trailer.

"It was pouring down, but we all came running, and we saw momma trying to get out. My brother just dashed right through and he waded through all this to get her out," said the woman's daughter, Marva Caldwell.

The woman was taken by ambulance to Tarkington High School, where she was airlifted to a nearby hospital. The family is still upset that a litter of lab mix puppies and their mother are still trapped underneath the trailer. Today, they'll cut down tree limbs to try to rescue the pups and their mom.

"It's disturbing; scary. But she made it out OK," Brobst said.

The city of Tarkington and Cleveland are also dealing with car accidents as power outages left intersections without traffic lights.

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