Boy, 11, ticketed after being hit by car


Noah Popovich was on his way to Levi Fry Intermediate School with a couple of friends when he felt something.

"Like someone hit me with a bat," he recalled.

It was a car. The bumper hit his leg, and the mirror struck his shoulder and spun him around. Noah says the 18-year-old female driver stopped and asked him if he was OK. He thought he was until after school. That's when he told his mom, Ashley Falks.

"If it were me, I guess, being a mom, I would have stopped, did what I had to do, 'Hey, let me help you, let's call the police,'" she said. "Negligence. Negligence."

Falks did call police.

"From that, he issued a citation to the child who'd actually been hit by the car for walking on the wrong side of the roadway, which is a class C ticket," explained Capt. Brian Goetschius with the Texas City Police Department.

The driver of the car that struck Noah was cited for driving with an invalid license. Noah is still recovering from bruises and says people should pay attention to his story.

"Make sure they don't walk on the wrong side of the road," he advised.

The citation issued to the driver could cost her around $257. Noah's ticket will run about $87, but his mother says they are going to fight it.

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