SoCal wife who killed, cooked, ate husband's body parts denied parole


This is the second time Omaima Nelson has asked to be released from prison since the 1991 murder, and it's the second time she's been denied.

Nelson, a former Egyptian model, apologized for killing her husband Wednesday as she made a plea for her freedom.

Nelson said, "I will do my very best to be the good person god made me to be, and I'm not danger to anybody."

But prosecutors pushed to keep her in prison. They've compared Nelson to the fictional cannibal, Hannibal Lector, and say she's still a danger to society.

Randy Pawloski, prosecutor said, "The mutilation of the victim coupled with the fact in the 20 years she's been in prison she's not doing what she should be doing to be rehabilitated."

Nelson was in her early 20's when she killed her 56-year-old husband Bill Nelson in their Orange County apartment. Police say she decapitated him and cooked his body parts. His daughter spoke at the hearing, but did not want to appear on camera. She urged the commissioners to keep Nelson in prison.

"I want you to know there are still victims living with the horror of what she has done."

The attorney who helped send Nelson to prison for 27 years to life also insisted she not be released. He calls the former nanny a sophisticated criminal with a history of manipulation.

Pawloski said, "She would meet a man at a bar perhaps live with him for 30, 60, 90 days and then at the end of the relationship, steal, rip off... steal a car from him then go on to another man and meet another man another way."

A psychiatrist also testified during Nelson's trial that she told him she ate a piece of her husband's body, but she later denied it. Defense attorneys have argued Nelson was the victim. They say her husband beat and raped her multiple times during their one month marriage and that she stabbed him in self-defense. During this hearing, Nelson also said she was drinking at the time, but is sober now.

"I hate alcohol, I hate drugs," said Nelson. "I don't want to be on drugs"

But the commissioners wanted to know why she had stopped attending alcoholics anonymous classes. They also said she continues to blame her actions on others.

Nelson will not be eligible for parole for another 15 years.

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