Republican presidential candidate Cain makes Houston stop


Cain was booked for this event to benefit the Workfaith Connection Friendraiser months ago. He signed books and was the keynote speaker at the organization's annual breakfast. The Republican from Georgia talked mainly about his life, but also mentioned his 999 tax plan -- a nine percent personal, corporate and sales tax.

"If you do the arithmetic, even with the nine percent sales tax, they come out ahead," Cain said. "I did the arithmetic on the $50,000 scenario and the $25,000 scenario; at $50,000 with standard deductions and standard exemptions, that family comes out $2,000 ahead."

Cain was signing copies of his new book, 'This is Herman Cain' at the charity event at the Junior League of Houston on Briar Oaks. As he talked to the audience, Cain recounted his career in the corporate world, gaining applause for saying he'd never held public office before, and talking later with the media, attacking the president's jobs bill, saying simply, it won't work.

"President Obama basically took one set of loopholes and brought in another set of loopholes. I went through his proposal. Even though they're talking about this millionaire's tax, here again is the distraction: There are 84 'attaxes' in his bill. It's a bad bill," Cain said. "It's not going to inspire the business community to grow again."

Cain is in Southeast Texas all day. He attended a book signing in College Station at noon and will be at the Barnes and Noble store in the Woodlands Mall at 4:30pm.

The visit comes as Cain rebuked Occupy Wall Street protesters as un-American, saying the demonstrators shouldn't rally against bankers or brokers because they are the ones who create jobs.

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