Blogs by beauty experts can save you cash


You may like these blogs because these bloggers are not only offering free expert advice, but the beauty experts are testing products looking for the best buy that actually works. It's a great way to stretch your beauty dollar.

Meghan Lee just moved up to full-time stylist at the Posh Ceron Salon in Uptown Park. Now the up-and-coming stylist is sharing her expertise on her blog called

"I have it split up. There is a beauty section, so I highlight trends and beauty; also in-style and fashion," Lee said.

Lee also offers tips, tricks and her favorite beauty products. Take for example Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. They're sold at the discount store for about $12.

"It gives the appearance that you are wearing nude hose," Lee said.

Simply spray some into your hand and just blend into your skin.

"It's water resistant, so it doesn't come off," Lee said.

Also at, Lee offers how-to's, from creating an "up do" to applying make-up just like the pros.

Across town at the Upper Hand Salon near River Oaks, just launched a blog called Rachel on Beauty.

"All the information that we provide on the blog is really a way to take you beyond what you're going to see in advertising," Rachel Gower said.

And the beauty experts always have budget in mind.

"We find really great high-end products that really work and then we really try to find a substitute that is a lot less expensive but really effective," Gower said.

Take for example nail polish. Chanel's Graphite Nail Polish is $25 a pop, but Rachel found the Sally Hansen nail polish in Black Platinum for $7 worked just as well.

Another example, Dior has an "airbrush" product called Airflash for $62.

"But when we tested this product, we found it was really difficult to match to most people's shade," Gower said. "So the product that we like better is from Sally Hansen and it's $14."

Rachel also has a how-to video section where she has a step-by-step guide on how to use or apply a product.

Take for example, this money saver: Simply use last season's lip shade, add concealer to soften up the look and voila, you have a new lip color for the season.

These bloggers do not endorse any products. They are unbiased reviews. They test out the pricey department store products to discount stores so you can find a huge variety of products for your price range.

If you are interested in having these experts test a product you have been dying to try, be sure to send them a message.

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