Flasher on the loose in west side neighborhood


Some of the parents on Leawood tell me reports of run-ins with that man have them too afraid to let their children out to play because they say they don't know when he'll show up.

A number of concerned parents are among many on Leawood Boulevard who say there's a serious reason they've been keeping a closer eye on their kids lately. They say it's all because a strange man's been seen exposing himself to young children here.

"The kids get to the bus stop, he'll follow them out there," said mother Timpie Thomas. "He'll stand across the street, and he'll flash them. If he don't flash them, he'll try to go chase them."

Parents say the man's been approaching the kids for several weeks now, often as they're walking to and from school and sometimes inside their complex.

"The little six- and seven-year-olds that are running down the parking lot, he'll stop and tell them they have pretty eyes, or to come here, come go to the Chevron with him," Thomas said.

One mother who didn't want to be identified says she called police when she caught the same man trying to crawl through her 13-year-old daughter's window early Thursday morning.

She said, "When we saw him, he ran out the patio and ran away, and we couldn't catch him."

Witnesses say the man used to live in this area. These parents claim they recently found out the guy's a registered sex offender in Louisiana.

"To me this boy is dangerous," said concerned parent Louis Jackson. "He knows how to tell these kids what they want to hear, and they go along with it, man."

Witnesses describe the man who's been harassing the children as 5 feet 5 inches tall, with a light brown complexion, and reddish-brown shoulder-length hair often worn in a ponytail. They say he has tattoos on his neck and he wears glasses.

"I just don't want anything to happen to my daughter, or, you know, just anybody's kids," said the girl's mother. "I don't want it to happen."

The parents say they are reporting the cases to police and now organizing their own community patrol.

She added, "I would like to see him off the streets, in jail, paying for the things that he did to these little children."

Houston police say the case is in the process of being assigned to a detective in the juvenile division. In the meantime, officers are encouraging who sees anything strange or suspicious to immediately call police. The constable's office will also increase patrols in this area.

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