Woman accused of stealing from retirement home resident


Maria Luisa Gonzalez, 38, is charged with felony theft. According to court documents, she confessed to stealing from residents at the Waterford retirement home on McDermott Street in Deer Park while she worked there as a housekeeper.

Investigators say on May 12, a resident discovered jewelry missing from her apartment. She told investigators that a gold bracelet valued at $1,200 and a diamond pendant worth $1,750 were missing, as was other cash and jewelry.

Court documents go on to say that police determined that Gonzalez had made around 100 transactions at pawn shops since January of last year. Police took photos of some of the jewelry in question and the victim at the retirement home identified those pieces as hers.

Police say Gonzalez confessed to stealing multiple pieces of jewelry from residents over the course of a year, and also told them that a co-worker gave her other pieces of jewelry that she knew were stolen. She reportedly confirmed to investigators that the two pieces of jewelry the victim identified as hers were among the stolen items.

There is currently an open warrant for Gonzalez's arrest.

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