Perry's schedule may point to him joining race


The leaks from the governor's team Monday said, the governor was going to erase any doubt during his Saturday speech in Charleston, South Carolina. It seemed to leave an opening that he might not get in. His schedule seems to suggest he's ready to go fast.

On Saturday he'll be in South Carolina for that speech to the red state gathering. Then he moves to New Hampshire for a home meeting -- a very traditional New Hampshire campaign event. On Sunday, he'll be in Waterloo, Iowa speaking at a dinner event. And then later in the week heads back to New Hampshire.

It means he will be in all three early primary states within a week of getting into the race. He has to make up for lost time and catch up.

Sure, he gets in to the race doing well in the polls, but Iowa and New Hampshire voters expect to see candidates up close. So Gov. Perry needs to hit the road.

Already some of his opponents are hitting Perry. Rick Santorum knocked Perry's gay marriage stance since Perry at one point said it was a state's rights issue. He later backtracked.

Then Mitt Romney pointed out that he led a poll of Texas voters weeks ago.

All that and it hasn't really started.

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