Court appearance for teen accused of boiling water attack


Keira Jones, 17, is charged with aggravated assault. Prosecutors say she poured boiling water on 33-year-old Ira Jones Jr. after she became angry at him for talking to another woman.

Ira Jones died earlier this month from his injuries as a result of the scalding.

With her boyfriend's death, the charge could be changed to murder. However, the Harris County District Attorney's Office says the aggravated assault charge may remain.

Prosecutors say it's a first degree felony and, if she is convicted, it would carry the same punishment as a murder charge.

The family of Keira Jones says the two met when she was 15 and the victim was 30.

The defendant's mother, Karen Jones, says she never approved of the relationship and tried to get Jones Jr. to leave her daughter. She says she has never known her daughter to be violent.

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