Hundreds gather in protest of red light cameras

HOUSTON More than 200 people gathered at a town hall meeting called by the Houston Ministers Against Crime among others. On the panel were the Kubosh brothers, outspoken opponents of Houston's red light cameras, along with city Councilmember Jolanda Jones.

Ministers, along with the Kubosh brothers, discussed why they felt the cameras, which were voted out on last November's election, then recently turned back on after a lengthy legal battle, are a violation of Houston's citizens' civil rights. That is according to those opponents.

They plan to take steps to turn the cameras off for good. Councilwoman Jones also hinted on how that can happen.

"I haven't a clue why people don't just ask us to put it on the agenda," said Jones. "It didn't take a vote to get the red light cameras of the people. It doesn't need a vote of the people to get rid of it. We could put on city council next week and we could vote for it."

"We love our chief and we support our chief but I was astounded, insulted when our chief said that he's going to expand the adding insult to injury. I couldn't believe I heard that," said Pastor James Nash with the Houston Ministers Against Crime.

That fight could end up at city council next week.

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