Teen accused of vandalizing home, vehicles in West U.


William Radovan Tyler, 19, is charged with four felony counts of criminal mischief. Tyler is accused of damaging vehicles and homes in separate incidents in June and July.

The first incident happened on June 8. West U. police say Tyler admitted that he spray painted inappropriate words, poured paint stripper, and super glued coins on the vehicles parked in the driveway. Tyler also painted an image of genitalia on the front door and side wall of the residence, and spilled grass killer on a patch of lawn, according to court documents.

The second incident happened at the same West U. home on July 1. Tyler is accused of scraping the sides, back and hood of a different vehicle parked in the driveway with a box cutter and puncturing the tires. Court documents state police say Tyler admitted to causing the damage because a resident there had been harassing his cousin.

The total estimated damage is more than $22,000 for the two incidents, according to court documents.

Tyler is also accused of spray painting and puncturing tires on two other vehicles, one in West U. and one in Bellaire, on July 1.

Tyler's bond has been set at $2,000 for each count.

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