Nassau Bay TASER victim dies


According to Nassau Bay police, Steven Hayes was causing a disturbance and refused to leave the Nassau Bay Hilton on June 26.

Officers attempted to place Hayes in protective custody, at which time he became violent. One officer deployed his TASER, which had little effect on him.

The officer activated his TASER additional times, but Hayes still would not comply, police said.

Additional units arrived and were finally able to subdue Hayes and secure him to a backboard for transportation to an area hospital.

Hayes appeared distressed and subsequently went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing.

Emergency officials performed CPR. He was treated and placed into the intensive care unit at an area hospital.

Hayes later went into a coma and died shortly after being taken off life support June 29.

According to Hayes' family, he was bipolar but had never before been violent.

You can read more about this story in the Bay Area Citizen, one of our Houston Community Newspapers partners.

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