Man accused of stalking woman for six months

HOUSTON Mohamed Ouaret, 33, is charged with stalking. Court documents state Ouaret texted and emailed threats to the woman from December 2010 through June 2011 and that he followed her from place to place. She says she feared bodily injury or death.

According to court documents, Ouaret was a family friend of a friend of the woman. She says she did not befriend Ouaret and did not indicate she was interested in a friendship or any kind of relationship. The woman says the stalking began with texting about their shared religion, but then Ouaret somehow obtained her email address and began professing his love for her and making thinly veiled threats to her.

Some of the emails Ouaret allegedly sent to the woman read, "I love you and I want you. I know your phone and your email and I can access to your email and your Facebook if I want," and "you just make me more crazy, I think I will do something wrong I will regret it my whole life."

The woman told authorities Ouaret hacked into her Facebook account and downloaded photos of her that he placed into videos he posted on YouTube.

Court documents state the woman said Ouaret followed her and confronted her at a store after she posted her plans on Facebook. He allegedly emailed her later saying, "I hope you don't get made I just become crazy forgive me please and be passion may allah cure me... sorry for what I'm doing."

Some of the text messages Ouaret allegedly sent to her read, "My beloved wife why you hate me and I love u. next week we will be with you..." as well as "I will $za you wherever you been I?m watching you every day, 1/m not nice guy..."

The woman and her mother say they are very afraid, to the point where they inquired about hiring off-duty police officers to guard their home. She has canceled her email addresses and Facebook accounts. She also said she will not leave her house alone.

Bond has not yet been set for Ouaret.

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