Mall says no to sagging pants

HOUSTON It's a popular style of wearing pants called "sagging" where the bottoms are worn way below the waist.

Wearer Derrick Johnson said, "Man, it's just a fashion statement. It's just something we do."

But sagging is something no longer allowed at Greenspoint Mall now that it's changed its code of conduct. Self-described "saggers" like Gregory Power say they don't like the policy one bit.

"I think it's outrageous," he said.

An ABC13 Eyewitness News viewer sent us a photo of the "no sagging pants policy" Greenspoint Mall recently posted at its main entrance. Some shoppers like Irma Garza say it's about time.

"I think that's good, because it makes the mall look bad with all the guys wearing the pants down," Garza said.

No one from the mall would talk on camera about the new no sagging pants policy, but a Greenspoint spokeswoman told me the fashion trend was causing such an issue, security kept asking management to do something about it.

"I do support the Greenspoint policy that they have," said shopper Latoya Jernigan. "Pull your pants up. Pull them up! It's very embarrassing walking around here like that."

"I just won't shop there then," Power said. "Simple as that."

We spoke with KTRK Legal Analyst Joel Androphy via Skype this afternoon. He says private businesses have the right to enforce a dress code, whether shoppers like it or not, as long as the rules don't discriminate by race, religion or gender. "The rationale is they have a lot of people coming into the mall and they have to cater to a lot of concerns, and most people are uncomfortable around people whose pants are halfway down," said Androphy.

The mall spokeswoman says if security spots someone sagging, they'll be asked to pull their pants up. She says if that shopper refuses, they'll be asked to leave.

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