Woman suing KBR testifies against company


"I'm sorry I'm so emotional, I've waited six years to tell my story," she told jurors.

Jones described her early days as a Houston employee for KBR at just 19. She tells the story of a boss forcing sexual relations with her and telling her she could lose her job if she didn't comply. Jones says she played the part out of fear and to help make money for her sick mother, with whom she was sharing a one-bedroom apartment.

The former KBR worker agreed to then move to Iraq where she could triple the money she was making in Houston.

But she says just days into her assignment after a night of socializing at Camp Hope in July of 2005. She woke up to bruises and other injuries, believing she'd been drugged and raped.

She said it took hours for the drug and the shock to wear off.

"I wanted to go over there and put my best foot forward, start a new life and career. I did not want this to be my reality," Jones said.

The tearful 26-year-old broke down many times during the three hours of testimony and sharing her story and feelings of regret about taking an assignment in Iraq.

"If there was one thing I could change in my life it would be to never go there, ever," she said.

Jones will resume her testimony on the stand Monday morning. KBR attorneys have not yet had to chance to cross examine her.

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