Teachers, deputy hurt in school fight


Students say these kinds of fights don't happen often at the high school. One student described it as a mosh pit, and another described it as a mini-riot. Now, several students face disciplinary actions.

Cell phone video shows the chaos in the hallways during the fight. It was just after lunch. Sophomore Jacob Pederson took out his phone and recorded.

"It was madness, kids everywhere," he said.

Officials with Clear Creek ISD say a morning of water balloon incidents turned into an afternoon interrupted by what one student described as a mini-riot. They say it started as just two students arguing over a cell phone. It quickly escalated.

"It was insane," Sophomore Holly Chuvala said.

Then it got bigger and more violent.

"There were teachers being hit a lot and there were cops being hit. There was a cop down on the ground bleeding," sophomore Aaron Watson said.

Three teachers and one Galveston County sheriff's deputy went to the hospital. Several students were also hurt. Dismissals were staggered to prevent more violence.

Chuvala says there were some problems with pranks on Wednesday.

"It thought it was kind of funny yesterday, but once people get injured. It's all fun and games until people get hurt," Chuvala said.

On Friday, there will be additional officers on campus and Chuvala hopes for no more disruptions.

"People need to calm down, get a grip and focus on finals," she said.

Finals start this morning. The principal issued a statement to parents, promising increased security until the end of the year, which is four school days.

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