Transgendered widow accused of stealing Rolex


Nikki Araguz, 35, is charged with theft. According to court documents, on February 24 the woman was introduced to Araguz by a friend at a restaurant in the Upper Kirby area. The woman said she believes she was drugged shortly after and that she began to feel ill.

The woman told investigators that she woke up the next morning to find that her Rolex watch, valued at more than $2,800, had been replaced by a "cheap" Swatch watch.

The woman's friend called Araguz's friend who told her that Araguz had possession of the Rolex, and that she believed that the Swatch watch belonged to Araguz.

The woman said she would never sell or trade her Rolex watch because it has sentimental value in that it is directly connected to her deceased sister.

A pawn shop employee who identified Araguz as a regular customer said Araguz came into his store and presented a Rolex watch to pawn. He said Araguz left the store with the Rolex in her possession after he told her he would purchase the watch for $700.

Araguz's bond has been set at $2,000.

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