Police chase ends up in cemetery

HOUSTON There are seven suspects in this case. They were in two different vehicles. There was also a four-year-old boy in the back seat -- not in a car seat -- during this chase that all ended in a cemetery.

There was a report of a stolen car and police tracked it down to a local apartment complex. Undercover officers identified the car and saw that the plates on the back had been changed. Then uniformed patrol officers approached the vehicle as it was leaving, along with another vehicle, out of the apartment complex.

Immediately, four people in the other car saw police and bailed out. All four were arrested.

The other vehicle then led police on a short chase which ended after the car crashed into a bayou at the back edge of a cemetery.

Three men jumped out -- two adults and one 16-year-old. The driver of the vehicle managed to escape through the woods, but authorities know who he is and expect to arrest him soon. The other two suspects are in custody -- an 18-year-old and the 16-year-old.

Also, in the back seat of the car was a four-year-old boy who is related to one of the suspects. He was uninjured, despite not being in a car seat. The child's mother arrived at the cemetery to pick him up. They left in an ambulance on their way to an area hospital to have the boy checked out.

The chase all began with an armed robbery that ended up with a stolen vehicle. Six of the seven suspects have been taken into custody.

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