Toddler fatally struck by SUV in driveway


The toddler's grandfather drove over him as he left the driveway of their north Harris County home. The accident happened just before 4pm at a home in the 18700 block of Desert Marigold near Sandford Lodge.

What happened, investigators say, is a grim reminder to always look around your vehicle before you move it. Investigators say the one-year-old slipped out the front door of the family's home unbeknownst to that family.

Little Davon Reese's family called him "Tettee."

"He was a sweetheart. He was so full of life. We was going to the park in a few seconds. I don't understand how this happened," said Davon's grandmother, Donna Reese.

Davon's life ended tragically at the end of this driveway. Investigators say he was struck by this SUV driven by his grandfather.

"He couldn't see him," witness Raychelle Edward said.

Edward happened to be in her house across the street looking out the window. She says she saw the SUV backed into the driveway and the toddler in front of it while the grandfather was about to put it into gear.

"By the time we go out of the house, we couldn't save him," Edward said.

The grandfather drove off, just down the street to pick up another grandchild at school. He didn't find out what happened until he returned.

"At no time did he know, did he realize, that he had struck the child, ran the child over," Harris County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Mike Harvey said.

The neighbor who saw what happened alerted the family within moments. They then called 9-1-1.

Davon's grandmother says she tried to do CPR, but it was too little, too late. It was agonizing for the entire family, especially the boy's grandfather.

"That's his life, his life. It's killing him," Donna Reese said. "He killed his grandson. It was an accident."

The child's grandfather was so distraught he had to be taken to the hospital. Investigators say this was an accident and they found no signs of intoxication or foul play.

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