Thieves steal $120K worth of hair extensions, wigs


This hair heist is no laughing matter for a local boutique owner. This crime could put a major dent in her plans to help a very special group of people.

Lisa Amosu's heart almost stopped when she came to work Tuesday morning and discovered several empty drawers. More than $120,000 worth of wigs and hair extensions had vanished.

"It took all the breath out of me. It really did," Amosu said.

Almost as alarming is seeing who was behind the heist. Late Sunday night, surveillance cameras captured a man as he slithered his way into her boutique and went straight to the inventory room -- never once tripping the alarm or motion detector.

"It was definitely someone who knew what they were doing," Amosu said.

He was inside long enough to stuff two giant duffle bags full of wigs and hair extensions. He emerged less than eight minutes later with the loot in tow and was gone, crawling back out the section of window from which he gained entry. It was precisely cut.

"Here I am trying to give and someone is taking from me and I'm trying to give," Amosu said.

To make matters even worse, some of the wigs and hairpieces that were stolen were meant for cancer patients and women with suffering from severe hair loss. This Saturday, Amosu and her team at My Trendy Place planned to give them away at a special event.

"There's a lot that's placed on image, whether it's building your image or building your self esteem or if you want to change your image," said Landi Spearman with My Trendy Place.

As the saying goes, the show must go on. The thief may have robbed Amosu of her sense of security, yet her faith has only grown stronger.

"God is able and nothing that we do goes unpunished," she said.

Amosu filed a police report, but so far, no one has been arrested. If you have any information about the person in the surveillance video, call the Houston Police Department.

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