Get good grades, get great stuff!

HOUSTON Several local businesses want to reward students for their good report cards. So if your kids make As and Bs , it could mean free food, free game tokens and even a free movie.

If anyone knows how to score free stuff, it's Super Saver Erin Libranda. For the last couple of years, her two middle school daughters have been taking advantage of good grade rewards at local businesses.

"I am completely against paying for grades but this is a different type of incentive," Libranda said. "You do good we go to Chuck E Cheese, or you make all As and B, we are going to Blockbuster and get a movie you want."

HISD teacher Katie Keafer said, "Anything we do right now to get them to stay focused and motivated will be fantastic."

Fifth grade teacher Katie Keafer appreciates that businesses pitch in to give back to the kids for good grades.

She said, "The kids I reach they are very low income community. Their parents cannot give them those types of things."

Incentives from retailers include free food or gift cards just for making good grades. At Chuck E Cheese, good grades mean 15 free tokens. Just have your kids bring in your most recent report card.

Over at Blockbuster video, the store is offering free Blockbuster favorites rental for each grading period to qualifying students. That includes kids K through 12 and you must have a B average or better, or a satisfactory rating. The original report card must be brought in. Multiple students from the same family are each eligible.

At Pizza Hut, the restaurant will give your kids a free meal. If any child has three As or the equivalent, each student will receive one personal pan pizza and a small soft drink or milk by presenting an original report card to the manager. This offer is good for elementary and middle school students and it's dine-in only.

At Justice girls clothing and preteen boutique, it's a $5 gift card for good grades. You must bring in your report card within 30 days of when it was issued to get $5 off your purchase.

Libranda warns with anything that's free, be sure to read the fine print and always bring in your original report card.

She said, "You do have to show proof and you can't just show up. You do need to bring a copy of your report card in."

Some businesses like Chick-Fil-A make it easy to get report card rewards. They give school a bunch of free food coupons and send those coupons home with their report card for good grades.

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