Eversole to stand trial with developer in October


"There's no question in my mind that he's innocent of these charges and will get another trial in a few weeks whenever the judge decides that to be," Eversole's attorney Rusty Hardin said right after his first trial earlier this year.

/*Eversole*/ was just days after from a second corruption trial when the legal bombshell dropped. His next trial will be alongside his indicted co-conspirator, developer Michael Surface.

"The second trial, being tried together, is not going to be as favorable to Eversole," KTRK Legal Analyst Joel Androphy said.

Eversole's first trial ended with a hung jury, even though most wanted to convict Eversole on bribery and tax fraud.

"He should resign today immediately, in my opinion, and he should go to prison," one juror told us.

Why is a joint trial so much trouble for Eversole? Androphy says the feds can introduce evidence they have on Surface that could spill over on Eversole. Surface is already facing another corruption indictment for allegedly bribing a city of Houston official.

Eversole didn't testify in his first trial, but Androphy says the two defendants will have to either both testify next time or both stay silent next time and take their chances.

"Because if one does something that the other one doesn't do, the jury is going to wonder why," Androphy said.

Hardin says he's disappointed, but will be ready for the October trial.

This may also add pressure to the Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, who has refused to move to oust Eversole from office. Now the commissioner will be under an ethics cloud for months while voting on more of your business.

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