Mexican Americans protest drug violence


The protest came just days after officers found four women and a teenage girl with their throats slashed in Acapulco.

For these Mexican Americans, the violence in Mexico at the hands of drug cartels has become beyond unbearable.

"There are more than 40,000 people that have been killed in Mexico," one protestor said.

Their native country, they cry, is being overtaken and families in Mexico lack security.

"There are more than 15 states in Mexico that drug cartels took over already," Mexico native Luis Yabarra said.

Each has a story of a friend or relative kidnapped for ransom, or even worse, murdered by a cartel member. It's why they're protesting in front of the consulate general of Mexico. They want the Mexican government to stop the infiltration by drug cartels members into law enforcement.

"You have the enemy at home. You have the enemy inside the system, so you can't advance against these criminals," protestor Anna Moreno said.

They say the Mexican government can do more to rid the cartel members from police ranks.

"The Mexican police need to get certified and get rid of the corruption in Mexico," protestor Jesus Lopez Tapia said via a translator.

The protestors also marched into the consulate general's office building, requesting a meeting with the consul general.

The Consul General of Mexico, Carlos Ignacio Gonzalez, came down, shook hands and listened and told the group in Spanish, "The Mexican government is doing all it can. If you want to protest, protest the cartels."

But these Mexican Americans says it's not enough.

"We are tired of the corruption, we are tired of the cartels and we want protection," Yabarra said.

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