Sisters die in NW Harris County house fire

HOUSTON The flames broke out just before 9am at a house off Sasquatch near Pinos Altos in the Canyon Gate subdivision.

Homes in the subdivision are only about 10 years old. Parts of the street where the fire erupted were still taped off Saturday evening as investigators tried to figure out how the blaze started and why the women inside weren't able to get out to save their lives.

Smoke coming from the house was the first sign something was wrong. A neighbor driving by spotted it and called 9-1-1.

Within seconds, neighbors on the street were outside with hoses, spraying water on the fire and on their nearby homes until firefighters arrived.

Glenda Brown was one of them.

"It was just gone. Just gone," she said. "I couldn't really stay back there because of the heat."

Klein Fire Department crews were matched by heavy smoke and fire throughout the house. Gaping holes in the roof are evidence of its intensity.

"It could've been burning for quite a while before we got the first call," KFD Chief David Bessolo said.

The first crews to arrive found a woman's lifeless body inside. More bad news came after a second search of the house.

"After the fire was extinguished, we found a second victim in the structure," Bessolo said.

Apparently, the two women were sisters -- both in their 50s. Their grieving family was too upset to say anything, and their neighbors shared the pain.

"My heart goes out to their family. That's all I can do is just pray for them, you know? Because that hurts real bad," Brown said.

The Harris County Fire Marshal's Office is looking into the cause of the fire. Arson is also investigating.

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