One dead, 5 hurt in shooting at Worthing HS

HOUSTON HISD officials said there will be extra police presence today at the school as well as counselors on campus following the deadly shooting last night.

Eyewitness News was there overnight as crime scene investigators combed through the football field with flashlights and metal detectors. They were looking for shell casings tied to the shooting.

Police were called out to the school last night in response to the reported shooting. The crime scene ended up being the entire athletics field where a powder puff football game was going on when the gunfire erupted. Who ended it is still a mystery.

"Too many people and I couldn't tell who had a gun. I was running for my life," witness Tordre McMillan said.

McMillan was playing baseball and girls were playing powder puff football on the field just before 7pm when it all happened.

According to eyewitnesses, several young men were among those in the bleachers when a car full of people whom police believe were gang members drove onto the field. There was a fist fight and even when it seemed to be over, many were left with a bad feeling.

"We knew something was up because the boy, he was about to drop the gun but he picked it up and so he walked onto the field and so we're leaving and before we even got off, they already started shooting," Worthing High School student Shayagne Durham said.

Four shooting victims were transported from the field. One died at the hospital. The shooters took off. A green Ford Taurus with blood on the doors was located at an apartment complex about five miles away. Police took at least one man into custody there.

Meanwhile, two other victims with gunshot wounds showed up at a separate hospital. Police say they're possibly suspects who were wounded by a mystery shooter also in the bleachers at the school.

"They said this mystery guy showed up. While the gangbangers were firing into the crowd, another man appeared out of nowhere, produced a pistol and fired in direction of Ford Taurus," HPD Homicide Lt. Zitzmann said.

Residents in the area say there are many gang problems near the school, and police believe the shooting is related to a rodeo shooting and another shooting on Sunflower. All are believed to be gang-related or gang retaliation involving the Early 103 gang, which is known to be from Yates High School, and the Murder Mob, noted to be from Worthing High School.

Police say the suspects may be students at Yates High School, if they are even students at all. They still were questioning the two male victims who arrived at the hospital about the shooting, and say they would like to talk to the mystery man who scared away the shooters.

Meanwhile, friends and family gathered at Ben Taub General Hospital to hear the conditions of three teenage boys who were transported there after the shooting and mourn the death of the boy who was killed in the violence.

"My son got shot... over there by Worthing," one mother said.

At the hospital and on the streets around the high school, friends and family of the victims and witnesses to the crimes stood waiting to hear anything.

"He would just come to watch us play football, girls versus girls, and he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time," said Drika Blackburn, a cousin of one of the victims.

We were talking to one shooting victim's cousin and a friend at the moment they heard he was the one who did not make it.

"It don't make no sense," Lakeisha Reece said.

Blackburn and Reece, both students at Worthing, were at the game when the shooting started.

"We were right there. They weren't shooting in the air to scare. They were shooting at people," Reece said.

Both girls said they were narrowly missed by bullets themselves. The bullets, they say, were fired by people they didn't know.

"It was more than one person shooting," Blackburn said.

"We don't know. We don't have a clue but, still, it was kids out there," Reece added.

Ben Taub General Hospital lists one of the victims, Dennis Laurent, in fair condition. We were told he was shot twice in the leg. The conditions and identities of the others who were injured have not been released. The identity of the victim who died also hasn't been released.

Houston police are questioning possible gang members and may make more arrests.

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