Firefighters injured in four-alarm fire

March 1, 2011 4:37:20 AM PST
Two firefighters who are still recovering after they were hurt battling a four-alarm fire yesterday in northwest Harris County. The fire broke out on Jorent near West Montgomery. Both firefighters injured were taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital. The firefighters' names haven't been released, but the good news is that they sustained only minor injuries and could be released as early as today.

They were injured during the fast-moving fire at an industrial lot. The high winds were a factor in that fire, sending flames to a few buildings next door and causing horse stables to be evacuated.

The injuries happened when the pair was inside a mobile home, trying to see if there was anyone inside. A power line overhead snapped and both of the firefighters sustained an electrical shock. Both are members of the Northwest Volunteer Fire Department.

"The power line did fall on top of one of the fire trucks and did energize that truck, at which time the firefighters were standing next to the fire truck and were hit with the electricity as well," said Northwest Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief Wesley Cole.

The fire is under investigation by Harris County Fire Marshal.

Wind was also factor in a fire yesterday in a fatal fire that killed a 6-year-old.