Resident fatally shoots armed intruder in SE Houston

HOUSTON The tables were turned the three armed intruders late last night at the Broadway Square Apartments off Broadway and Rockhill.

It was around 10:45pm when the husband and wife say they heard about 15 minutes of knocking at their door. On the other side was a woman who was calling out to see if anyone was home.

The wife says as her husband went to the bedroom to grab a shirt, she went against her gut feeling and opened the door. Within seconds, she was bum-rushed by two men, one of whom pointed a gun at her.

She screamed and her husband grabbed his shotgun. When the suspect pointed his pistol, the resident fired, hitting the suspect in the chest, killing him. That suspect has been identified as Miguel Antonio Valencia-Mejia, 33, of Houston.

"I feel like it's good," said resident Latoya Crosby. "They shouldn't be robbing (anyone)."

Neighbors say they're scared and now looking for ways to protect themselves.

"I have mace. That's all I have," said resident Keisha Curtis. "With a criminal, it would just upset them and make problems worse."

"I tried to get a gun and get a license," said Crosby.

The young husband says he's sad he had to resort to a gun, but happy he was able to protect his wife.

The couple says their upstairs neighbor was robbed recently and they believe robbery was a motive in their case. Police say the male and female suspect were able to get anyway.

Authorities were able to recover a gun. The other two suspects managed to get away.

The victims are now packing up to move out.

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