Two girls held at gunpoint in home invasion

LA MARQUE, TX The family on the receiving end of the robbery is now living in fear. The mother now says if she had the money to leave, she would be moving out tonight.

One week ago, a single mother and her two daughters moved into a La Marque duplex. The mom thought it looked like a safe neighborhood. But on Sunday evening, she changed her mind.

"Four masked men came in and held them at gunpoint," said Geoff Price of the La Marque Police Department.

Inside the home, the two sisters ages 9 and 15 were alone after their mom had gone to a convenience store. The girls say there was a gun pointed at their heads.

"They were just asking them for the money - they were just yelling at them, demanding where the money was," said Price.

The robbers climbed in a window, and left with cell phones and a computer, taking a bag of Cheetos as well.

The girls were not physically harmed, but traumatized nevertheless. Neighbors are equally stunned.

"That's strange. It could've happened to us. My granddaughter and my daughter stay here sometimes and that could've happened - the same incident," said neighbor Luke Harrison.

Police have few clues to investigate. All four men wore ski masks and gloves. No getaway car was noted, but detectives believe they were young and disorganized. In the end, they believe they may have been targeting someone who no longer lives here.

"This family is new and only been living there a short time, so it's probably random on this family and may have targeted somebody who used to live there," said Price.

The one thing the detectives believe the suspects may do is talk about the crime. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers or the La Marque Police Department.

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