Father allegedly shoots his two kids, killing one


After weeks of looking for them, authorities found them in a home in Coldspring. But when they went in to serve a warrant, things took a deadly turn.

21 Red Bird Lane in Coldspring was the perfect place to hide.

"It's pretty secluded in here," resident Vance Stiles said.

Tucked away in the woods next to Lake Livingston, there are only two full-time residents, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary to Stiles.

"I knew there was somebody there, but I did not know who it was," he said.

According to investigators, six weeks on the run for Predrag Perisic came to an awful end in such a pretty place. While officials were there to serve an arrest warrant on Monday evening, they were met with the unthinkable.

"When they went into the bottom floor of the house and started going to the upstairs, they heard gunshots," San Jacinto County Sheriff James Walters said.

Perisic is charged with murdering his 10-year-old son, Deyan, and seriously wounding his 12-year-old daughter, Danyela.

Authorities had been looking for all three since late October when a court in Canada granted custody to his estranged wife. It had been a bitter battle for months as the children just tried to be normal.

"They'd play in the neighborhood, ride bikes, play catch, chase, tag," neighbor Clay Melo said.

Neighbors say the kids and their father lived with his twin brother in a home in La Porte up until recently. Perisic, a Canadian citizen from Serbia, worked in the shipyard while the children attended La Porte schools.

He seemed every bit the devoted father, and according to William Vandagriff, he was also a friend.

"I would have never, never have believed that he would have done anything like this," Vandagriff said.

Perisic's brother didn't want to talk to us. La Porte police had their own questions. Neighbors stood stunned on the sidewalk and someone left flowers.

As Danyela struggles to survive, her father sits in jail, and Melo remembers a vibrant little boy.

"You have to be a monster with no conscience to do something to someone so precious," Melo said.

The mother's attorney said she flew in from Montreal on Tuesday to be by her daughter's side. She says Perisic called her a few days ago threatening harm. He also called a priest.

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