Baby found abandoned in Dickinson

DICKINSON, TX The baby boy was found Tuesday morning in front of a home in the 2900 block of Ohio Avenue.

The newborn remains in critical condition at Clear Lake Hospital in Webster. Galveston County authorities say he suffered prolonged exposure to the cold on Tuesday morning and while they expect him to survive, it's the health of his mother that concerns them most.

Juan Renovato, Jr. says it was the last thing his father expected to find on the doorstep on a cold and blustery November morning.

"He showed me the baby was right there and then he brought it in. At first, he thought it was like a little doll because it was wrapped up, but then he was looking at it closely and he saw it was a little baby, so he went to go get me and then he brought it inside right here," Renovato said.

It was a newborn boy wrapped in a blanket and placed in a tool bag. Renovato says the infant looked just a few hours old and was shivering. He immediately called 911.

"I was just thinking, who would do that to their own baby? Why would you abandon your own baby like that? That's just wrong," Renovato said.

The baby, who did not have any physical injuries, was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. Investigators are focused on finding his mother. They fear her health could be in jeopardy.

"There are some indications that his birth was pretty difficult, so we have some concerns about the welfare of the mother," Galveston County Sheriff's Office Maj. Ray Tuttoilmondo said. "We want to make sure she's OK."

Investigators say it's unclear why the baby was left at that particular house. Neighbors didn't notice anything unusual in the morning.

Neighbor Chandra Harper calls mother's actions cruel.

"Who would leave a baby? It's bad because of the weather alone, but to just leave a baby on a porch, it's horrible," Harper said.

The infant is a white male and has blonde hair and blue eyes. The mother could face a felony charge of child abandonment.

A mother who wants to give up her baby is protected under the Baby Moses Law so long as she drops the infant off at a hospital, fire station or EMS station -- somewhere where the child would be cared for.

Texas was the first state to enact a Baby Moses law. The law was put in place after Houston had 13 abandoned baby cases.

There is a hotline for people with questions about the law, or cases. The number is 877-904-SAVE.

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