Red light camera fight continues

HOUSTON Voters wanted them out, but they're still operating. And while tickets are not being issued, voters still have a lot of questions as to what will happen next.

With red light camera questions streaming in from the public as well as city council members, Houston Mayor Annise Parker tried to clear the air Tuesday afternoon.

"We're not issuing tickets. Those cameras are not being monitored. There's no change in what was announced on the 15th," said Mayor Parker.

Since the mayor wasn't answering reporter questions, we asked the city attorney the question on everyone's minds: Does he see any scenario where he could start issuing red light camera tickets again in the future?

"At the present time, no," said Houston City Attorney Dave Feldman.

However, the Kubosh brothers, traffic attorneys and bail bondsmen who have fought the cameras for years, just don't believe the city really wants to win the lawsuit it filed against the camera vendors, ATS.

"We're concerned that the city of Houston will not zealously defend this lawsuit," said Paul Kubosh.

Currently, the battle is being fought in federal court between the city of Houston and ATS, the camera vendor. The city is hoping to avoid paying damages to the company for dropping the contract.

A spokesperson for ATS said, "Ultimately, this isn't about whether or not the cameras are turned back on. It's about whether a contract with the city of Houston is worth the paper that it's written on."

As for council members, they tell us the cameras are done in their opinion.

"In the city of Houston, I cannot envision any scenario where there would be tickets issued for running a red light as caught by a red light camera," said Houston City Council Member Anne Clutterbuck.

Mayor Parker's staff said she won't be available to talk to reporters until Wednesday.

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