Wrongfully convicted man is now officially a free man

HOUSTON On Monday, he received a very important and very valuable piece of paper. That piece of paper, called a motion to dismiss, was given to Green by the Harris County District Attorney's Office. It's only one sentence long, but it is one sentence Green's been trying to prove most of his adult life.

On Monday, Green read from a document that officially dismisses the charge of aggravated rape against him.

"It feels real great," Green said.

He held a yellow piece of paper representing the end of a post-conviction investigation that lasted more than two years, ultimately exonerating Green from his 1983 conviction.

"It signifies the end of the criminal charges against him. It signifies our office's dismissal, final dismissal, of those charges and it signifies justice for Michael," said Harris county Assistant District Attorney Alicia O'Neill.

With much fanfare, Green was released from prison in July of this year. He served 27 years in jail. His case was investigated by the very office that convicted him. The recently formed Post-Conviction Investigation Office Unit of the Harris County DA's Office looked at Green's case and found through DNA testing that Green did not commit the crime.

It was justice for Green but not for the crime; the suspects in the case have not been charged.

"Our investigation identified all four people who were in the car that night; unfortunately, the statute of limitations has run out on the crimes they committed that night," O'Neill said.

However, O'Neill said three of the suspects are currently in custody. A fourth suspect remains free.

As for Green, he's spent the past three months working for his former attorney involved in the release. Green still lives with his family and looks forward to spending his first Thanksgiving in nearly 30 years at home.

"Turkey and dressing, that's my favorite meal, so it's going to be right on time," Green said.

Since his release, Green says he's been outside just doing stuff.

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