Substitute teacher accused of assault

HUNTSVILLE, TX The accused substitute teacher got a class C citation for assault, basically the equivalent to a traffic ticket, because Huntsville police say the incident was not sexual in nature. But the 11-year-old girl says it happened, it was wrong and she is afraid to go back to school.

It happened at Huntsville Intermediate School on October 25. The 11-year-old claims the substitute teacher called her up to the blackboard to write. She says when she was done, he rubbed and fondled her thigh. The girl says she went to the principal's office to report what had happened -- and says the principal said she'd take care of it the next day and sent the girl back to class.

That afternoon the principal did call school district police after talking to the teacher, who was escorted off campus by officers. But the girl says the teacher approached her again when the bell rang.

"I grabbed my stuff and I was walking towards the door and he walked in front of me and asked me where did I live," she recalled. "I told him I don't know. He asked me again and I lied to him and said the projects."

We did contact Huntsville ISD. They declined an on-camera interview. Huntsville police tells us the citation was issued based on witness accounts and that the teacher never admitted to anything. He has a court date set up for December 16.

Meanwhile, the girl was pulled out of school by her guardian, who's been home schooling her since then. She said she doesn't know when she plans to return her niece to the classroom.

The teacher is not teaching in Huntsville ISD.

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