Mom accused of sending nude pics to friend's son

KATY, TX Authorities say the 37-year-old woman is a regular volunteer at Katy Taylor High School, and that her son and the 16-year-old boy she allegedly sent lewd pictures to are friends and both attend school there.

Lori Darling David is accused of two counts of online solicitation of a minor. She sent him sexually explicit text messages emails as well as photographs of herself.

In court documents, investigators describe the pictures as lewd. Prosecutors say she befriended the teen through someone she knows.

"She had met the boy; He's a child of a friend of hers -- a jogging partner," said Eric Devlin, Harris County Assistant District Attorney.

Investigators say the pair became friends on Facebook at the end of September or beginning of October and that their conversations grew more and more sexual in nature ever since. Court documents show David "openly confessed" to sending the teen the pictures.

No one would talk to us at her Katy home today. Her next door neighbor describes her as civil and polite.

"Unless I saw it for myself, I wouldn't believe it. She might not be the first one to say hi how are you doing? But she'll stay there and talk to you nicely," said neighbor Tom Hopkins.

David, 37, remains in jail. She is being held on $20,000 bond. If convicted she could be sent to prison for up to 20 years and be forced to register as a sex offender.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says they are investigating the possibility that there might be more victims in this case.

Prosecutors say this case is just as concerning as any involving an older man and a young girl and that the law doesn't see it any different even if the teenage boy was a willing participant.

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