Is Governor Perry considering a White House run?

NEW YORK Newly re-elected Governor Perry promised Texas voters he will not run for president, and now he's busy telling the national media the same. But still, we all keep asking about it.

"Champions of big government are cleaning out their desk right now," said Perry after challenger Bill White conceded on Tuesday night.

The moment Perry won an unprecedented third term as Texas governor, he left for the Big Apple.

"We gotta go sell some books," he told ABC13's Ted Oberg.

He's plugging his new book "Fed Up: Our Fight to save America from Washington." Some might say he's campaigning already for a new job.

"Do you plan to run for president in 2012?" he was asked on NBC's 'Today Show.'

"If there is a better signal of my plans for the future of not running for the presidency of the United States, it's this book. Anyone who's running for the presidency is not going to go take on these issues with the power that I do," he said.

Perry says he is just trying to sell books.

He also appeared on the Fox News channel.

"The book is about freedom, freedom from an oppressive Washington tax and regulatory, and a Supreme Court that has quite frankly been abusing the Constitution as well for way too long," he said.

KTRK political analyst Dr. Richard Murray says despite the denials, Governor Perry's future is undetermined.

"I think personally he'd like to remain visible as a national figure, make some money at the same time, and possibly get in the consideration game for the presidency," said Dr. Murray.

He even writes in his book, "Cynics will say I decided to write this book because I seek higher office. They're wrong. I already have the best job in America."

Why go out of your way to write that into the book?

"You can sort of run by not running," said Dr. Murray. "There's sort of a tendency for people to want to be asked. It makes them more attractive."

And it's not just Dr. Murray who's not convinced by Rick Perry just yet.

"You don't see any scenario in which the party would come to you and say we need you in 2012 and you would accept?" Perry was asked on the 'Today Show.'

"I don't see that scenario at all," he said.

Governor Perry has also scheduled appearances in Washington DC, as well as one on 'The Daily Show' with Jon Stewart, before returning to Texas.

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