Tom Abrahams on the big national elections

Premature Obituary?
Monday, November 1
You would think the Democratic Party is dead. Everywhere you turn, everyone with whom you speak, every blog or newspaper or magazine you read has the Democrats destroyed on November 1st.

It could happen.

Estimates are that, in the house, the GOP will pick up anywhere from 40 (very conservative) to 60 (very optimistic) seats. There seems to be no question that the Republicans will win big when the polls close on Tuesday night.

But will they win the Senate?

That is the other big question. Republicans have a bigger hill to climb there, and it could mark the first midterm in the nation's history where the ruling party loses one house of Congress while maintaining control of the other.

Republicans have placed most of their focus on the house. Outside of the RNC Headquarters a couple blocks from the Capitol in DC, there hangs a large red FIRE PELOSI sign. There are duplicates in many of the windows. There is no FIRE REID sign. The people of Nevada may do that on their own in what could be a stunning upset.

So are the Democrats dead?


But they are in trouble.

And if the Repubicans who come to DC don't starting "doing something" as so many Americans seem to be clamoring for, they could find themselves reading their own obituary in 24 months.

Nonetheless, there is a really good chance (probably house odds---no pun intended) that the Democrats will be licking very deep wounds... and looking for a way to regroup without control of Congress.

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