Officer opens fire on suspect threatening his wife

HOUSTON It happened around 2:30am off Broadstairs near Mercury in east Houston.

According to police, HPD Officer R.O. Carreon was asleep when his car alarm went off and he grabbed his shotgun. When he got outside, he realized his wife had also been woken up by the car alarm. She was in their driveway and then the two of them realized a man had taken the officer's personal pistol out of his vehicle.

"He observed the suspect getting out of his pickup truck with his arms cocked at a 90 degree angle and walked towards his wife," said HPD Spokesperson Kese Smith. "Fearing that the suspect had his pistol and fearing for his wife's safety he fired multiple times with the shotgun from the porch area. The suspect then fled the scene."

The suspect was later found at LBJ Hospital. He had transported himself there. He sustained non-life threatening injuries. Police are waiting to interview and arrest him.

Officer Carreon has been with HPD since July 2006 and is with the South Central Patrol Division. He will be on desk duty for the next three days, which is standard procedure when there is an officer-involved shooting incident.

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