One man killed, two others injured in violent robbery

HOUSTON One man was killed. Two others were wounded in that shooting at the Longwood Apartments. Police say the violence erupted early this morning during the suspect's second robbery attempt within a matter of hours.

Police say it was around 4:30am when a resident pulled in from work. They say a 24-year-old suspect pulled up, tried to rob the man, and then shot and killed him

"Once I heard gunshots, I woke up," said resident Miguel Reyna.

But Reyna wasn't the only one. Police say the victim's two brothers heard gunshots, as well, and then came running out with a baseball bat, hammer and a billy club. Authorities say the suspect fired two more shots, hitting one of the brothers and beating the other.

Reyna says he and his father found the two men hovering over their brother, yelling for help.

"He was just saying, 'My brother, my brother, just go check on my brother,'" said Reyna. "I thought his brother was injured, but once I turned the corner I saw through the car, he was on the floor. I was like, 'this man is dead.'"

The suspect took off, but police found him a short time later after the SUV he was driving was reported stolen. Homicide detectives say the suspect took the Ford Explorer after robbing another man a few hours earlier and then leaving that victim with his telephone number.

"He took that complainant to a convenience store demanded more money and gave him his phone number to have him call him up and give him $2,000 more," said Phillip Guerrero with the Houston Police Department homicide division.

Reyna says he is saddened by what happened just feet away from his home and now, his thoughts and prayers are with the victim's brothers.

"I just think it's still messed up," he said. "If it was my family member, I'd probably be mad, probably do something."

Police did recover a gun from the stolen SUV. We are still awaiting charges against the suspect.

As for the victim's two brothers, we are told one of them had to undergo surgery and the other is expected to be OK.

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