Precinct 6 creates new gang prevention and enforcement unit

HOUSTON The five-deputy unit will work to curb crime and gang activity in the community through gang identification, prevention, and enforcement. The deputies will monitor gang activity, document gang members and graffiti, make arrests, and enforce laws as needed.

The deputies will also work closely with community organizations and interact with students at various schools to teach them about the dangers of gang involvement.

"The Gang Prevention and Enforcement Unit provides our community a chance to combat gangs on many different levels - in the schools and in our neighborhoods," said Constable Trevino. "This is a first for Precinct 6 and this unit will only enhance the overall efforts of our department to combat crime in our neighborhoods."

The unit will work throughout the precinct, which includes East Downtown, the East End, Near Northside, Gulf Gate area, Fifth Ward, Denver Harbor, and the Manchester and Magnolia neighborhoods.

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