Conroe man fatally shot answering his door

CONROE, TX The recent attacks have neighbors worried. The latest one was off Oak Street near Conroe.

When Cassandra Warren gets a knock at her door, she's reluctant to see who's on the other side.

"It's really upsetting to me," Warren said. "I've always been able to leave the door open. Now that I know someone has been shooting at people's door…"

Warren's neighbor, a disabled veteran, was killed Saturday night after someone knocked on his door. Police say the 57-year-old man peeked thru the window curtain to see who it was and was shot once, square in the head. Two other people were inside the house and saw it happen.

"We are contacting the people that were here, getting statements from them and also canvassing the neighborhood," said Sgt. Bob Berry with the Conroe Police Department.

Even worse, this is the second time a gunman fired bullets into a front door in this neighborhood in less than a week.

"They shot in their door Thursday night," said Warren.

Warren heard two shots blow through another neighbor's front door Thursday night and called the police. No one was hurt that time, but it does make her think.

"I'm wondering if this is a pattern," Warren said.

While police aren't calling it a pattern, they are investigating the crimes together.

"Some of the cases have some similarities, but aren't exactly the same," said Sgt. Berry.

Leaving Warren locking her door behind her for the first time in the 50 years she's lived here.

"It happened Thursday night and then this man got killed Saturday night - that's why I'm really skittish , because I'm wondering if they're gonna be knocking on my door next," Warren said.

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