Cats tossed from car on highway in New York

WEST BABYLON, NY The cats were thrown out of a car window on the Southern State Parkway in West Babylon, NY.

"This is the route that I take every day to go to work," Bill Rizzo said.

But there was nothing routine about Rizzo's ride to work on Friday.

As he prepared to exit the Southern State Parkway in West Babylon, something caught his eye up ahead as another car merged into traffic.

"I see something come flying out the passenger window," he said. "I thought it was a child or something; I didn't know what it was."

It was a brown paper bag that seemed to be writhing around as it tumbled end over end on the grassy shoulder.

Rizzo pulled over and discovered two adult cats. One was already dead and the other was struggling to breathe.

He rushed it to the nearby all pets animal hospital, but its injuries were so severe, it barely survived an hour.

"It was so badly mangled. I mean, his whole hips and the legs," Michelle Black, veterinary technician said.

"I just think of the little cats purring and meowing and giving love for so many years and then his life ending like that," Dr. Bob Corona said.

"I wish I would have caught these guys," Rizzo said.

He never saw the faces of the two people in the car, which he describes as a gold Chevy Malibu, maybe about 10 years old.

It had the old, white New York license plate, starting with either E-F-T or E-F-J.

Troopers are following up on those leads, and Rizzo is keeping his eyes peeled as well, but he isn't holding out much hope that anyone will ever pay for such a vicious act.

"If you don't want the animal or pet, don't get rid of it this way by killing it," he said.

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