Parents want more action against alleged bullying

LA PORTE, TX La Porte High School student Cody Lane, 18, suffers from autism. That's why his parents believe he's being picked on. With only months to go to grauduation, they worry their son's future is up in the air.

With an obvious black eye and several bumps still on his head, Cody shudders to think about ever returning to school.

"You don't want to go back?" we asked him.

"No," he said.

"Why not?" we asked.

"Too much of that stuff always happens," he answered.

The latest series of events started Wednesday when Cody claims a fellow student yelled and pushed him as he walked home from school. It's an attack he says he reported to police by calling 911. On Thursday, Cody claims the bullying only persisted. He claims serious remarks were made as he rode the bus.

"He was threatening to shoot me and kill me and leave me laying out by the ground," said Cody.

District officials confirm administrators and police met with both students Thursday and thought they had settled their differences. However, a day later, Cody claims the other student's best friend attacked him, hitting him several times before a teacher split it up.

"They just let it slide by. What if that kid would have had a knife or a gun?" wondered Rick Molina, Cody's father.

"Do you think the district dropped the ball?" we asked spokesperson Terri Cook with the La Porte ISD.

"I think the district did what needed to be done in that circumstance," she answered. "Our administration and the police responded both times."

But Cody's parents say it's not just this one case. They say Cody's been bullied ever since he started school at La Porte High School. In a text message, Cody reportedly told his parents that he wanted to transfer schools to get away from the evil.

"Anyone who knows Cody knows he's a good kid," said Jennifer Molina, Cody's mother. "After this fight, after what this child did, my son stood up and shook his hand. They saw that on the videotape, because he has a good heart."

The other student was suspended and charged with assault. The district is investigating the prior cases in which Cody claims to have been bullied. They say they take all the claims very seriously.

Meanwhile, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD is conducting an investigation to find out how their employees did, or did not, respond to reports of bullying that led a young boy to kill himself. Asher Brown killed himself last month after his family says he endured years of bullying about his clothes, his religion and his sexual orientation. The family says school officials repeatedly refused to meet with them. School officials are denying that, but say they are doing an extensive review of their records, phone logs and interviews to find out what happened.

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