Fancy cakes without the hefty price tag

HOUSTON For the bride who wants a celebrity-style wedding cake, Nadine Moon of Houston's "Who Made the Cake" is happy to make dreams come true.

"I like the first one," said bride Tia Magoulas. "It's really good."

That's why Tia and Chris Mastrangelo chose Nadine to create the big dessert on their big day.

"I want something that is really elegant and nice and most importantly, I want the cake to taste good," said Tia.

"You want it to actually be a really good cake, where people are eating and going, 'Wow, this is delicious. Not only does it look amazing, it also tastes good,'" Chris said.

The happy couple immediately found what they wanted in both taste and design. What made the deal even sweeter was that it all fit within the bride's $800 cake budget.

Lots of brides are watching their budgets these days and if you're one of them, you can get a fabulous cake at a fraction of the price just by changing the ingredients. And one thing you will not have to skimp on is taste.

"A bride with 100 guests can have a beautiful cake for $350," said Nadine.

Nadine says to cut costs, keep your fillings simple.

"Our fruit fillings are no additional charge," she said. "It's when you get into the specialty fillings, like caramels or hazelnuts or ganaches or liquors, those are gonna add costs to it."

Instead of expensive fondant icing, use butter cream for most of the cake.

"Do something in butter cream with a little bit of fondant accenting so you get a really clean sleek look, but the rest of it can be butter cream and no one knows," said Nadine.

Speaking of saving, normally this bakery does nothing under $100, but in honor of National Cupcakes for a Cause Week, you can buy 12 cupcakes for $30. Twelve of those dollars go to Cancer Care for Kids, a charity that makes life sweeter for sick children.

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