Accused officer demands apology from DA

HOUSTON Houston Police Vice Officer Samuel Roccaforte expects to be reinstated at some point now that a grand jury cleared him. Even though he was exonerated, Roccaforte blasted the Harris County District Attorney's office for its handling of the case and is now demanding an apology.

"I want them to be held accountable for what they do," Officer Roccaforte said.

Officer Roccaforte, who works undercover as a vice cop, did not mince words as he criticized investigators with the Harris County District Attorney's office for what he described as shoddy detective work.

He said, "No investigation was done, he didn't talk to anybody like we've done, like I had to do myself on the investigation."

Officer Roccaforte's legal troubles stem from a secret recording by a woman who Roccaforte had accused of being a prostitute. What investigators heard on that tape led them to drop charges against her and file new criminal charges against him. While the DA's office claimed the recording contradicted what Roccaforte wrote in his report, on Tuesday a Harris County Grand Jury decided it wasn't enough to indict him.

Houston Police Officer's Union President Gary Blankinship said, "It was not his voice on the tape and the verbiage that was used in this tape is nothing of a nature used by undercover officers in this kind of operation."

The Houston Police Officer's Union and Officer Roccaforte believe the recording is a fake and implored the Harris County District Attorney's office to investigate. The woman's attorney is standing by his client's story and the authenticity of the tape.

"I just want them to do their job in the correct manner," said attorney Paul Doyle. "If you can't do it right, don't do it. He clearly is somebody who can't follow the rules."

The recording was sent to the FBI for analysis. The results were inconclusive, meaning there was no way to prove the voice on the tape was indeed Officer Roccaforte's. We contacted the Harris County District Attorney's office regarding the officer's accusations but a spokesperson declined to comment.

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