Alleged drunk driver slams into officer's squad car

HOUSTON It happened just before 2:30am Gray and Louisiana near downtown Houston. The crash involved a suspected drunk driver who police say T-boned an HPD patrol unit. They say a witness inside the suspect's vehicle told police the 19-year-old was driving through downtown, running red lights.

"The front passenger gave us a written reported statement, saying that the driver of the Impala was running red lights and he was telling him to slow down and didn't heed his warning and they had the accident," said Sr. Officer Robert Bymaster with the Houston Police Department.

The officer, who we're told is a seven-year veteran of HPD, had to be cut out of his vehicle and transported to the hospital. He was alert and conscious.

There were a total of three people inside the other car. The driver and passenger were taken to the hospital. The other passenger was not hurt.

The driver has been arrested on suspicious of DWI. Charges are pending.

The officer has since been released from the hospital. We're told he had some neck and back pain, but no broken bones.

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