Help name dog being fostered by Casey Curry

HOUSTON Someone dumped the dog in a box at a church parking lot on the edge of a bayou last month. A homeless man noticed the moving box and opened it and found the dog. He went to seek help.

The dog eventually ended up with the Red Collar Rescue organization, where he received needed medical treatment.

The little guy's vet thinks he's a true mixed breed-possibly part Whippet, Labrador and Boxer. He appears to be about a year old and probably won't get any taller. He does need to gain some weight and will likely weigh about 30 pounds when he's all filled out. He is super sweet! Loves people (even strangers) and other dogs. His favorite activity right now is taking all of his foster sister Nanook's toys out of the toy basket and ripping out all the stuffing.

He still needs more care, but he also needs a name. That's where you come in. Simply log onto our ABC13 Morning Show Facebook page and let us know what name we should give him.

Stay tuned to Eyewitness News as Casey will announce on air the name she's selected.

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